Volunteer Testimonials

  • Paul Haber
    Deacon, Christ the King Church
    "This country and its needs are beyond description. Two guarantees with any donation given are that 95% goes to the assistance of our brothers and sisters in Haiti and that this support changes lives."
  • Dr. Robert Perez
    "Our (dental) team saw hundreds of patients with a variety of ailments not normally seen here at home. We did more dental surgery in one week than I would do in a year. And when I left, my basket was overflowing knowing that I helped my fellow man."
  • Rachel Halfaker
    Teens For Haiti
    "I know no matter how much I contribute, it will bring some joy to at least one person. The people of St. Suzanne don't have the resources to lift themselves up, but I hope to be able to help them using the resources I have been blessed to have."

Ways to Give

A donation to Renew Haiti can be made in numerous ways, each of which shows your support and provides revenue that helps us to increase our program services.  All gifts are tax deductible and will be acknowledged upon receipt. Scroll down to explore the different giving options available.

Gift of Cash or Check
Cash gifts may be made as a one-time contribution or over several years as payments toward a pledge.  Checks should be made out to Renew Haiti and sent to our office at 3816 W. Morrison Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629.  You may also visit our Donate Now page to give online. If you would like your gift to go to a specific program area then please notate it clearly when you submit your contribution. 

Regularly Scheduled Gifts
Renew Haiti is able to accept your regular donations by credit card on a once-a-month charge basis.  By providing us with your name (as it appears on the card), your card number and expiration date, as well as the address at which you receive your monthly statements we can process a monthly charge at the level you indicate.

You will receive two acknowledgements with this type of gift.  The first is receipt of your pledge to pay on a monthly basis.  The second is an end of year giving statement for tax purposes.  The minimum monthly contribution accepted is $10.

This method provides a wonderful record of your giving for charitable receipting purposes and if your card provider allows, it rewards your use of the card with air miles and/or other benefits.  To enroll in the monthly credit card program please contact the office at (813) 832-4244.

 "Gifts that Make a Difference"
If you are looking for a more meaningful gift to give this year, consider giving the gift of education, food, or clean water with our gift giving program that benefits the poor in Haiti.  We can send the person a card on your behalf, informing them of the gift. 

Combined Federal Campaign #51494
Are you a federal employee?  Renew Haiti has been approved for inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Charity List! CFC is the only authorized solicitation of employees in the Federal workplace onbehalf of charitable organizations. If you are a federal employee, you can now designate your contribution to Renew Haiti, formerly Help Brings Hope for Haiti, with the code of 51494.

Florida State Employees' Charitable Campaign
Are you a Florida State employee?  You can designate Renew Haiti, formerly Help Brings Hope for Haiti, as the recipient of your charitable giving with the code of 6063 at the FSECC website here: http://www.fsecc.com/pledge-now/

Employer Payroll Deduction or Matching Gift Programs for Donations
Check with your employer to see if you can designate Renew Haiti, Inc. as the beneficiary of your company's giving programs.  United Way of Tampa Bay, United Health Care, and Bank of America are just a few examples.

The Gift of Publicly Traded Securities (Stocks)
The gift of publicly traded securities is often a wise way to make a charitable donation. When you choose to make a gift of highly appreciated securities you may be able to significantly reduce your capital gains taxes. Therefore, your gift of securities allows you to achieve the same giving amount as cash but can provide much greater tax benefits and relief.

To learn more about making a gift of publicly traded securities, please contact the office at (813) 832-4244.

Estate Planning and Wills
Gifts of all sizes are encouraged and your thoughtfulness appreciated. 

A testamentary gift in your Will is an excellent way to create a legacy that will survive you and speak to your faith and generosity amongst future generations.  You have great flexibility in how you make your gift.  You  may:

  • specify a certain amount
  • direct a gift to benefit a particular program
  • make a gift to the endowment fund from which Renew Haiti will benefit from the return-on-investment income in perpetuity
  • Remember us last -  if any proceeds are left in your estate after your beneficiaries have received their distributions you can direct that Renew Haiti will become the beneficiary of that remainder

Before making your gift intentions part of your estate plans, please feel free to contact the office so that we may thank you properly. Not only can we be helpful, but making your intentions known will ensure your legacy is administered in accordance with your wishes.  As with any decision pertaining to your estate it is always advisable to seek the independent advice of your personal legal and/or financial advisor.

For more information, please contact the Renew Haiti office at (813) 832-4244.

Sample Language for Your Will

General Bequest

I give and bequeath to Renew Haiti of Tampa, Florida, the sum of $___________ (and/or the securities or other property described herein, namely, ____________________________), as an unrestricted gift to be held, used and expended as directed according to the needs of the organization.
Bequest to Endowment - Income Only To Be Used
I give and bequeath to Renew Haiti of Tampa, Florida, the sum of $___________ (and/or the securities or other property described herein, namely, ____________________________), as a permanent fund to be invested and reinvested in its discretion and the income only issuing therefrom may be used as directed by the organization (you may also designate such a gift for one of our program areas).
Residuary Bequest (If any assets remain in estate after your loved ones first benefit)
All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, of whatsoever nature and wheresoever situated, including all property which I may acquire or become entitled to after the execution of this Will, and including all lapsed legacies and devises or other gifts made by this will which fail for any reason (but excluding any property over which I may have any power of appointment), I give, devise and bequeath to Renew Haiti of Tampa, Florida, as an unrestricted gift to be held, used and expended as directed according to the needs of the organization (you may also designate such a gift for one of our program areas).