• Paul Haber
      Deacon, Christ the King Church
      "This country and its needs are beyond description. Two guarantees with any donation given are that 95% goes to the assistance of our brothers and sisters in Haiti and that this support changes lives."
    • Dr. Robert Perez
      "Our (dental) team saw hundreds of patients with a variety of ailments not normally seen here at home. We did more dental surgery in one week than I would do in a year. And when I left, my basket was overflowing knowing that I helped my fellow man."
    • Rachel Halfaker
      Teens For Haiti
      "I know no matter how much I contribute, it will bring some joy to at least one person. The people of St. Suzanne don't have the resources to lift themselves up, but I hope to be able to help them using the resources I have been blessed to have."

The medical and dental mission trips we offer provide a unique, meaningful experience working alongside our partners in the medical clinic located in the village of St. Suzanne, Haiti. As part of a medical and dental team, we assist with offering accessible quality medical and dental care to people in the community. Medical care is limited and dental care is nonexistent. Mission trips also provide the opportunity to witness the joy and spirit of St. Suzanne, as well as their hospitality and culture.


Built in 2009, the mission house is located on the grounds of St. Suzanne Church. It has a cistern on the roof which provides water to the bathroom and kitchen.  There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and common area. It also is wired for electricity provided from a nearby generator that runs during the evening hours when mission groups are in the house.

Contact us if you are interested in a future medical and dental mission trip by phone (813)876-5841 or e-mail.